Tüsa, reveals its valuable initiative by ICON collection, presenting to well-known brands all over the world with remarkable pieces. The basis of its creation is an approach to creating quality, and responsible production for the nature.

ICONS offers futuristic styles with a futuristic approach combining fashion with well thought-out designs.

We developed by focusing on Tüsa Fabric's most frequently asked and best selling product range ESSENTIALS, here is an indispensable and timeless collection.
In this theme, we have prepared a mix of masterpieces by interpreting trends with all our know-how and heritage from the past.

We add new interpretations to fabrics with advanced textile technologies.

In the content of THERAPY, we take urban trends, and carry them to an authentic line with fabrics that we designed extremely soft.

The summer-oriented theme of our collection: ETHEREAL offers the opportunity to design light and elegant products.

Its refined and fine structure brings indispensable options to the fabric choices of holiday wear.