As Tüsa Fabric, the basis of our company is to produce according to our customers' needs with its eco-friendly and ethical trade approach.

Our sustainability approach, which begins from the first link of the supply chain, is applied in the usage of water, energy, chemicals and raw materials used throughout the production process and even the finishing process.

Less Water

With the help technology, we use less water in our facility than the average amount in the industry. After processing, we recycle 90% of the water used to make it reusable.

Less Energy

In our facility, we burn the remaining waste after production and turn it into energy. Thus, we consume less and more sustainable energy.

Less Chemical

We reduce the number of chemicals used in the painting process by 30%. Using advanced technology, reusing the mixture; We save tons of water and chemicals every month.


We weave with yarns produced by Tüsa Maraş İplik and Tüsa Ring companies from recycled cotton and plastic waste. Thus, we support the recycling chain with sustainable fabrics.

Human Resources

We set out our company policies in line with the United Nations' Sustainability Goals. Our employees are our first priority after our respect for nature.

As Tüsa Group, it is also one of our company policies to inform our employees and business partners about sustainability, participation in sectoral fairs and activities, and prepare the environment in which they can work most efficiently.